ProDent use the highly specialised Gtechniq Paint Protection System. It is comprehensive all surface protection service that restores the paintwork to a defect free state, maximises optimum paintwork gloss levels and creates a new long term protective surface on the paintwork and all of the exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

Paint protection has advanced dramatically in the last few years and the traditional methods of providing additional paint enhancement have given way to exciting new advancements such as Gtechniq, a product that adheres to your vehicles paintwork providing a crystal lacquer to your vehicles exterior.

It works by providing a glass like barrier, offering the highest quality durable gloss and colour protection for exposed or fragile surfaces with superior stain and abrasion resistance, for easy long term protection.

The film is resistant to environmental contaminants such as oxidization, water staining, fallout, vandalism and dust. It provides a complete protective cocoon for your vehicle.

We were so impressed with the quality of this product, we had our own cars treated and we were astounded by the quality and finish afforded by the Gtechniq protection- it is the best finish we have seen yet.

Should you like more information on this exciting new paint protection system, please do not hesitate to contact us!
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